3D Printing Seminars

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3DPRINTING represents the exponential advancement in speed, capacity and performance materials that 3D Systems' new roster of products brings to its entire 3D content-to-print platform for companies large and small, independent entrepreneurs, prosumers and consumers alike.

Attend a local seminar near you to get a close look at the diversity and power of 3DPRINTING as 3DS re sellers demonstrate many of our new products, spanning industrial-grade to desktop 3D printers, advanced materials including manufacturing-grade metals, ceramics and full-color plastics, and new scan-to-design and inspection tools for the engineer’s and designer’s desktop.

  • The breadth of applications that 3D printing can be applied to
  • Sessions detailing how to evaluate the range of technology and choose the right 3D printer for any application
  • New developments in ColorJet 3D printing with full-color plastic
  • Expanded capabilities with multi-material composite parts in a single print
  • Direct metal printing with the ProX™ 100, 200 and 300 series of metal printers
  • Fab-grade performance from the ProX 950, the latest SLA 3D printer for high-volume manufacturing
  • Production-grade SLS capabilities and part quality on par with injection molding from the ProX 500
  • Enhanced, low-cost jewelry and dental casting pattern capabilities with the ProJet® 1200


Up and Coming Seminars

29th June – Reading
30th June - Birmingham

To register or for more information on these seminars and seminars in your area please contact Sean Turner seant@printit-3d.com